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In order to be consistent with our values, we are committed to reducing Neveo's environmental footprint as much as possible. Find out what we are doing here.

The paper used to print your journals is FSC-certified and made from wood from forests managed in an ecologically, socially and economically responsible manner. In addition, waste from printing is collected by the supplier for recycling. Your Neveo journals are printed at local printers located around the world to minimize the distance they have to travel.

Since June 2019, in collaboration with Graine de Vie we are committed to planting a tree for each new Neveo subscription.

Graine de vie is an NGO whose objective is to fight deforestation and its negative impact on the environment.

The NGO has already planted 19,200,000 trees in Madagascar, a country where the extent of the forest has been drastically reduced but where the rainfall rate still allows for large-scale reforestation. Tree plantations, in addition to being carbon sinks, have benefits in terms of biodiversity, soil fertilization and help against landslides or soil erosion.

Graine de vie also sensitises the local population to environmental issues and trains them in the management of plantation sites.

The Neveo nursery is located in the SAVA region, in the northeast of Madagascar, near the town of Andapa.

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