Every month, send your Grandparents a photo journal.

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A monthly journal in 3 steps.

You create

You and your family upload your photos from your phone.

We print

At the end of the month, Neveo puts the pictures in a nice journal that we print and ship.

We deliver

A few days later, your grandparents will receive the newspaper with all of your printed memories!

Share your memories with a monthly journal.

Photos of your children growing up, holidays in the sun, weekends in the mountains... all moments to share with grandparents thanks to a photo journal delivered each month to their mailbox.

All about the journal
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Invite your family members for free

The more, the merrier! You can invite all of your family members to contribute to your journal for free.

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Free worldwide delivery

Would you like to send a newspaper to a loved one far away from home? No problem, we offer free worldwide delivery!

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An environmentally friendly journal

The paper used to print your journals, is FSC-certified and, in collaboration with the NGO Graine de vie, we plant a tree for every new subscription.
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Complete your journal in just 5 minutes.

Thanks to our application, complete your journal in just a few minutes: upload your photos, add a description and you're done!

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An easy-to-use application

We designed our application to be intuitive and accessible to everyone.

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Your data is protected

With us, there is no hidden little phrase about the commercial use we can make of your data.
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Available in 6 languages

Our application is currently available in 6 languages, so that you and your loved ones can use it in your preferred language.

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Great idea! My grandmother, who doesn't have internet, is so happy! The whole family participates. The journals are very good quality! Nicolas L.

Nathan L.

Very nice and it is appreciated by the whole family, especially when the family is far away. Every month the journal has an uplifting effect and the grandparents are thrilled!

Jace F.

A good quality newspaper, a smooth application and very friendly and a responsive customer service. Very much appreciated by the whole family. Thank you Neveo!

Caitlin E.


Trial offer
$ 0.99

for your first journal.

Send a beautiful first journal to your loved ones for only $0.99, delivery included. You can then cancel your subscription at any time!

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$ 14.99 /month

Monthly payment

Annual payment

Up to 30 photos each month

High quality printing

Unlimited invitation of contributors

Free delivery worldwilde

Cancellation free of charge at any time


Printed journal


Photos sent


Store rating

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the journal look like?

To see what the journal looks like and its features, click here!

When is the journal closed, printed and shipped?

The journal is closed automatically at midnight on the last day of each month. It is then printed and shipped within 10 business days. You will be notified by email each step of the way.

Can I customize my journal?

You can customize the order of the photos and add comments. The layout of the other elements is automatic. This means that it will only take you a few minutes a month to create your journal!

Can I duplicate an existing journal?

To send the same journal to several recipients, we recommend creating different albums at the beginning of the month. This way, all your photos will automatically appear in all your albums.

I don't have any photos to share this month. What can I do?

It happens! In this case, don't hesitate to invite other members of your family who may have a few photos to share. Otherwise, we will refund the month upon request!

Am I bound to a fixed-term subscription?

No, your subscription is not binding. You can unsubscribe at any time directly in the application or by request.

Do you have any further questions?

Visit our help center

Try now

Download Neveo and start sharing your life moments!


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